Christmas Sale - Habit Building
Christmas Sale - Habit Building
Christmas Sale - Habit Building
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Christmas Sale - Habit Building

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Sign up for a 4 week package of 60 minute one to one coaching sessions. This purposefully designed course was created for you to develop and integrate a new public speaking habit. 

  • 60 minute discovery session & picking a habit
  • 21 day challenge to form your new habit
  • Weekly knowledge, skills dev & accountability

 What you or your loved one can overcome: 

  • Nervousness
  • Associating changes in the body with fear
  • Fear of speaking in public (glossophobia) & other linked fears such as fear of judgement, messing it up, and not looking good
  • Thinking negatively about your ability to speak well
  • Not feeling prepared enough
  • Not feeling like an authority on a subject

What are the results?

  • Increased confidence & self awareness: Taking time to understand your needs and review your progression over this course raises self awareness. Showing up, learning & taking on the challenge week on week builds belief, trust and self reliance which in turn leads to an overall increase in confidence. 
  • Successfully forming a positive habit: Research suggests the minimum timeframe in which people can form a new habit is 21 days. Committing to yourself, fully participating and being guided by a coach lays the greatest foundation for successfully forming a positive habit. 
  • Better public speaking & presentation skills: Committing to building a new public speaking or presentation habit is a powerful way to become a more engaging and effective communicator. 
  • A Hearty experience oozing with passion, enthusiasm and empowerment.