Christmas Sale - Taster Session
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Christmas Sale - Taster Session

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Buy a voucher for a taster session to practice an ongoing or upcoming speaking role. A presentation for work, business or college. Videos or lives for social media. A speech for a special occasion. Perfect, refine or polish it! 

  • Deliver 15 minutes (maximum) of your speech, talk or presentation
  • Receive constructive and immediate feedback

What can you or your loved one can overcome? 

  • Nervousness
  • Associating changes in your body with fear
  • Fear of speaking in public & other linked fears such as fear of judgement, forgetting what to say, and not looking good
  • Thinking negatively about your ability to speak

What are the results?

  • More confidence: One practice session with someone external can increase your confidence.
  • Increased self awareness: Receiving immediate feedback sheds light on areas for development that may not arise when practicing alone.
  • Better public speaking & presentation skills: Getting tips from an experienced public speaker is a powerful and priceless way of developing your public speaking & presentation skills. Tips that you can take with you and apply for future speaking roles.
  • Greater ability to step out side your comfort zone!
  • A Hearty experience oozing with passion, enthusiasm and empowerment.